Joshua’ Life & Exploits (Part 7)

Joshua’s Competence

Competence rarely happens overnight. Even Joshua had to be prepared over many years to handle the enormous task given him. In developing his competence, God took Joshua through the following experiences:

  • God used Joshua over two Generations (Exodus 3- Deuteronomy 34). This develops his faithfulness.
  • God allowed Joshua to experience hardship of bondage in Egypt (Exodus 3:7-9). While in Egypt Joshua saw all the Signs and Wonders that God (Jehovah) performed (Exodus 7-12), the victory of Jehovah over the gods of Egypt, the Crossing of the Red Sea, on dry ground of the Israelites and the destruction of the Egyptian army (Exodus chapters 14 &15). This develops his trust in God’s Power to deliver and to fulfil His Promises.
  • God allowed Joshua to lead the battle against the Amalekites in the battle at Rhephidim (Exodus 17:8-16). This develops his courage in preparation of the battles in the military campaigns in the Promised Land.
  • God allowed Joshua to accompany Moses up Mount Sinai to catch “the Vision of God” (Exodus 24:9-18). Joshua had to stay in the Mount alone, for a prolonged period. This develops his ability to handle loneliness. He experienced no glory, no cloud, no voice, and no presence, yet he remained faithful to the station that he has been assigned.  
  • God allowed Joshua to develop a personal heart- devotion to Him – Joshua did not depart from the Tabernacle of the Congregation (Exodus 33:11). This develops his spiritual passion for God.
  • God allowed Joshua to be corrected by Moses in not promoting Moses (Numbers 11:27-30), when he (Joshua) requested Moses to forbade Eldad and Medad to exercise the Prophetic, this develops Joshua’s character – Moses refused to let Joshua exalted him – had Joshua not been checked here, his “selfless jealousy” for Moses’ honour could eventually made him a narrow, petty man-unfit for Leadership.
  • God called Joshua to spy out the Promised Land, witnessing and experiencing the unbelief, disobedience, and rebellion of the Children of Israel (Numbers chapters 13 & 14). Moses changed his name from Hoshea (Salvation – Numbers 13:8) to Joshua (Jehovah is Salvation – Numbers 13:16). With this Name’s change comes a transformation in identity and character. Joshua became a man ready to delegate, organise, and lead the Nation of Israel.
  • God replaced Moses, at his (Moses’) death (Joshua 1:1-2), with Joshua and allowed him to lead the Children of Israel into the Promised Land to take hold of their Inheritance (Joshua 1:1-9). This involved military campaigns. Joshua has matured and is fulfilling his Calling (Romans 11:29).

Joshua’s Confidence & Decisiveness

Joshua Distributes the Land (Joshua 13:1-19:51) – The time came when Joshua finally felt ready to divide the Land God had promised to Abraham hundreds of years earlier (Genesis 12:7; Genesis 15:18-21). His leadership faced a crucial test when he saw that he needed to exhort the hesitant Jews to occupy their Land. “How long will you neglect to go and process the land which the Lord God of your fathers has given you?” (Joshua 18:3) he exhorted the faltering Tribes. Joshua’s courage left an unmistakable mark on the hearts of his Countrymen and reminded them that they were to fulfil the expectations of God.  Notice how Joshua led the people in his later years when decisiveness became especially crucial:

  • Evaluation (Joshua13:1-14:5) – Joshua developed a clear picture of the Promised Land remaining to be conquered.
  • Imitation (Joshua 14:6-15) – Joshua blessed Caleb and pointed to him as a model of attitude and determination in following the LORD and claiming the Inheritance.
  • Communication (Joshua 15:1-17:18) – Joshua clearly articulated the Boundaries of each Tribe’s Land and what they needed to do.
  • Exhortation (Joshua 18:1-4) – Joshua challenged the Tribes of Israel to take the Land God had promised them.
  • Investigation (Joshua 18:4-10) – Joshua appointed Teams to survey the Scope of the remaining Land and report back to him.
  • Determination (Joshua 18:11-19:51) – Once he received the Commissioned Report, Joshua determined who should get what Land.
  • Leader’s Heart (Joshua 19:49-51) – Joshua took his share of the allotted Land last after distributing the Inheritance to the other Tribes.

To be continued….. Stay Tuned…..

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